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I’m Ruby, I am the founder of Ruby Tuesday design (RTD). Based in Wellington New Zealand.

Over the last ten years I have gained experience and been successful in pitch development, art direction, toy invention and toy design. I have designed for Toybox, Weta Workshop, Pukeko Pictures, Seven Towns and Hengxin Shambala Kids. Since 2016 I have been lead designer of Kiddets at Pukeko Pictures, I have invented and sold toys at Seven Towns, and I have consulted HSK on IP toy line development.

However, it is the many talented people I have met working for these companies that is my biggest asset. Strategic partners of RTD include, designers, illustrators, prop makers, seamstresses, inventors and toy distributors.



“Ruby has been a valued hardworking member of our team. Her willingness to apply herself to any task at hand and readily assist has enabled her to learn a number of valuable skills, which she has applied fully to the daily challenges she has undertaken." - Sir Richard Taylor Managing Director Weta Workshop


“Having worked with Ruby in house at Seven Towns and as a freelancer she never ceases to impress. Her creativity is unbound and her professionalism is unquestionable." - Steve Perrin Senior-VP Design and Production


“I have had the pleasure of working with Ruby over multiple years and projects while at Pukeko Pictures, she was a key member of the team that designed the world of Kiddets and has worked with Pukeko on the development of other IP. Ruby is a hugely talented individual and we at Pukeko would not hesitate in recommending her to her future clients.” - Clive Spink CEO Pukeko Pictures LP


“With her knowledge of the international toy market, experience in IP design, deep insight into product development and exceptional skills in toy invention and toy line planning, Ruby has been a real asset to the team. She has helped the product development team to craft IP based toy lines ( including Kiddets and True and the Rainbow Kingdom ) that are appealing in play pattern and well organised in structure.” - Jeff Wen General Manager of Hengxin Shamballa Kids Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd.


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